Starting from June 30th, 2010 NG, before ISO 9001-2008 certified, has acheived the ISO 14001 Certification, synomynous of its continuous commitment in minimizing the environmental impact resulting from productive process.

The ISO 14001 Standard is an international Norm, voluntarily developed, which define the guide-lines for an effectual Environmental Management System.
The Certification evidence concretely the Company care about minimizing environmental impact of productive process, products and services, morover attest the reliability of applied Environmental Management System.
The Norm require the written formalisation of Company’s enviromentals goals and targets, and the implementation of a Environmental Management System which should grant their reaching.

The ISO 14001 Standard let the Company decide how and where enhance itself, even related to its budget capabilities and to existing technological level.
The critical point mentioned by the Norm are: environmental policy, planning, accomplishment and functioning, check and correctives, reassessment by the Directorate General.
The Environmental Management System mentioned by the Norm has based on compliance with the law, on continuos improvement and finally on pollution prevention.
Aims of the Certification:

An environmental management system allow to:

– approach framely to the definition of environmental goals and to the characterisation of useful tools to acheive them;

– identify possible environmental risks and enhancing opportunitie;

– ensure the obey to the law requirements concerning the environment;

– lower the costs of energy consumption, of waste management and raw materials;

– start the process bound to the continuous improovement of environmental performance;

– increase the Company on-market value, beginning from a complete analysis of own environmental problems, being them legislatives, technicals or managerials.

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