Novaglass is partner of Casa 21, the project born in 2014 with the sponsorship of the Milan Polytechnic, ANIT Italian Association of Thermal and Acoustic Insulation and CISE Consortium for the Construction Structural Engineering in Europe.

Casa 21 is a project aimed at upgrading, rehabilitation and refurbishment of 730 buildings in the Val d’Orcia in Tuscany (UNESCO).

The project has defined a protocol Casa 21 which is shared by the public authorities with a potential release of the building and reduce the time permits. The philosophy of the Casa 21 protocol is to use ergonomic principles of ecological design and energy saving for a nice house, intelligent, healthy and functional.

The pilot project Casa 21 offers the opportunity to live and touch all of modern living excellence that aims to return the overall comfort in the redevelopment of the Italian real estate.

Casa 21 for the recovery of real estate assets
From the report of the mapping drawn up on behalf of Casa 21 it shows that in Italy there is a vast real estate assets that should be emphasized and made safe. The result is therefore a huge potential for action to deliver. The project Casa 21 does not want to stop, however, only to redevelopment. The desire is to create a precedent in the interventions reconstructing faithfully, with a high technology and no obvious “concealed and hidden, as suggested by Eng. Alessandro Pozzi of the Scientific Committee “. Casa 21 will be the first undisputed intervention of sustainable housing that summarizes and demonstrates the synergy of these housing excellence.
intervention area is the Val d’Orcia, in Tuscany, where many buildings have been identified to be recovered. The reconstruction will take place with the use of the most modern and sustainable technologies; the structure, in particular, will be made of structural wood with natural stone cladding, to faithfully restore the same aspect that the cottages were originally. The goal is to get the original farm house in appearance, but with a highly technological heart. Meet the housing needs of today’s quota in respect and recovery of the architectural value yesterday.
The project responds to the ethical requirements of C.S.R. (Corporate Social Responsibility) as it becomes manifest eco-sustainable and environmental quality, but above all respect the work ethic and the professions. This excellence was awarded the Councillor Gianni Salvadori Region of Tuscany and by ‘Councillor economy and Simplification of Lombardia Region Massimo Garavaglia who have decided to give space to the Project Casa 21 within EXPO 2015.

Novaglass and Casa 21
First example of construction of a building in accordance with Protocol Casa 21 is the site of the cottage in the village of Pienza (Siena) Podere Tribali. Novaglass is an official partner and has made the roof waterproofing systemwith NOVAMINERAL 4.5 kg / sq.m. membrane. The mineral membrane used for this building has been included in Protocol Casa 21 for all future projects.

House 21: Case History Podere Tribali, Pienza (Siena)