NOVA RN is a waterproofing membrane comprising:
Multilayered bitumen / elastomer / plastomer waterproofing mass, based upon zirconocene polyolefin alloy delivering high thermodynamic stability and lifetime durability.
Composite reinforcement based upon heavy weight isotropic spunbond polyester and glass fibre, which deliver together high dimensional stability. Thanks to its mechanical features and the high flexibility at low temperatures, together with heavy duty reinforcement the membrane sheet can withstand the pedestrian traffic at the job site as applied in single layer onto the concrete deck as well as the side walls.
NOVA RN is certified RADON SAFE and is therefore suitable for applications where the transmission of such radioactive gas shall be contained to preserve the healthiness of the air within the building. Thanks to its special arrangement the membrane is suitable for all climatic zones. [The membrane is not suitable for roof gardens.]