NOVA RF is a single ply refurbishment or cap sheet in multilayer systems membrane comprising: Multilayered bitumen / elastomer / plastomer waterproofing mass, based upon zirconocene polyolefin alloy delivering high thermodynamic stability, outstanding weatherability and lifetime durability.
Composite triple reinforcement based upon heavy weight isotropic spunbond polyester and glass fibre, which deliver together unmatched dimensional stability. Thanks to the outstanding mechanical features and the high flexibility at low temperatures, the membrane sheet is suitable as single ply on most old waterproofing layers to be refurbished or as cap sheet in multilayer waterproofing systems, either exposed or under heavy protection, in combination with compatible membranes.
NOVA RF is certified fire resistant product and classified Broof(t2).
Suitable in all design purpose applications, particularly highly demanding installations. Thanks to its special arrangement the membrane is suitable for all climatic zones. [The membrane is not suitable for roof gardens.]