Whether you wish to produce electricity from solar energy generated from your new corporate building’s roof or you are thinking about such kind of installation when refurbishing the roof waterproofing or even if you are willing to give your roof on loan for such installations, well you can find tailor made solutions with Novaglass. It’s Nova ENERGY, and we are ready to assist whatever your purpose will be.

Nova ENERGY is the best system to provide effective solutions to both flexible modules to obtain Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) and rigid modules respectively by means of Nova ENERGYFlex and Nova ENERGYPanel roofing packages.

Nova ENERGYFlex is a all-in-one option combining the waterproofing features of polymer modified bitumen membranes and the clean energy production by means of built-in photovoltaic cells on flexible sheets capable to fit nearly any kind of roofs, both existing and new.

Nova ENERGYPanel

More information at: solar@novaglass.com