A new look for novaglass.com!
Novaglass website deeply renew its look in both graphic and technological aspect in order to meet quicker and more efficiently the exigencies of professionals cooperating with the company.
Now accessible from every device, being a laptop or a smartphone, or even a tablet, our website becomes a multimedia interface rich in contents and services addressed to Customers and Net surfers.
Many are the new features that can be easily explored thru a click, just to mention only few: the search-by-product, which helps to identify the most suitable solution thanking the option “result filter”.
With the new function various parameters can be selected (type, properties, cold flexibility, etc) and the matching item will be provided, relevant technical datasheet or declaration of performance can be displayed clicking over the name.
The research-by-name will be present also in the sections Liquid Products, Roofing Shingles, Acoustic and Thermal Insulation, Novachem and Nova Energy.
All section labels present in the new website are the same as the old one; more importance was put on the technical solutions, revised and updated with new products, then inserted in the category “applications”.
A registered-user area has been dedicated to our loyal Customers, which can find here special releases and contents.
Lastly there is a section focused on the social networks where our “follower” will find the newest information about Novaglass world, published on Twitter, Facebook or Youtube.
Novaglass.com, available in Italian and English already, has been developed from our Marketing dept. in collaboration with Dacos Sistemi, qualified Company specialised in the new communication channels and digital media.