Novaglass presents the Innova Line, the new generation of waterproofing systems, projected, controlled and approved by Novaglass!

Roof water tightness is critical to preserve the whole building, from the outside to the inside.
There is no excuse when planning and choosing the waterproofing system: inaccurate choice or price driven decisions will bring to failure or in the best case to a short service life. Indeed, the selected solutions must perform at best to guarantee the longest lifespan and the integrity of the roofs.
Thanks to 30 years experience in the waterproofing business and continuous investments in the research and development of new products, new technology and the evolution of the production equipment NOVAGLASS can offer today a completely new and top notch project: INNOVA.
INNOVA is the breakthrough in modern waterproofing: skilled, trained and approved roofing contractors can install out new generation waterproofing systems under Total Quality Control® of Novaglass.

INNOVA stands for solution for:
– refurbishment of old waterproofing layers
– new cold roofs
– new warm roofs
– high reflectivity roofs for PV plants
– high efficiency flexible sheet technology PV rooftops
– green roofs
– parking decks
– basements
– external fire resistant roofs

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