Novaglass is KlimaHouse Partner !
Novaglass is the first company in the industry of waterproofing membranes to obtain the Certificate “Partner KlimaHouse .” The awards ceremony for the prestigious Certificate was held Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at the of the ClimaHouse Agency headquarters in Bolzano, where the Director Ulrich Santa has delivered to the Novaglass Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Stephen Pantaleoni, the Certificate No. 192/1.
Another important aim for Novaglass, that confirms the recognized experience of our firm and the continuing commitment to the sustainable management.
All parter KlimaHouse are distingueshed for responsible actions to achieve today a comfortable and enjoyable world for tomorrow. Novaglass supports the KlimaHouse idea of ​​” places to live healthy and environmentally friendly ” and is the only manufacturer of waterproofing membranes who can guarantee the principle of sustainability of its products .

Novaglass KlimaHaus