On February 26th in Milan at “Palazzo Castiglioni”, Congress Hall of ConfCommerio (Italian Trade Business Accociation), INNOVA Project has been showcased to an audience counting more than 350 Architects, Civil Engineers and Professionals in the Building Industry attending CasaClima Tour.

Pierantonio Saccardo, Technical Sales Manager of Novaglass, lectured on the innovative features, the many advantages and opportunities offered by INNOVA.

Novaglass is the only polymer-bitumen membranes manufacturer to be CasaClima approved partner, an additional sign of recognized technical competence and consistent commitment in sustainable development.

All CasaClima parterns conduct their activity responsibly by building today a pleasant and comfortable tomorrow. Novaglass together with Casaclima envision the concept “living healthy and eco-friendly” and is in fact the only supplier of environmental safe waterproofing solutions.