Roof water tightness is critical to preserve the whole building, from the outside to the inside.

There is no excuse when planning and choosing the waterproofing system: inaccurate choice or price driven decisions will bring to failure or in the best case to a short service life. Indeed, the selected solutions must perform at best to guarantee the longest lifespan and the integrity of the roofs.

Thanks to 30 years experience in the waterproofing business and continuous investments in the research and development of new products, new technology and the evolution of the production equipment NOVAGLASS can offer today a completely new and top notch project: INNOVA.

INNOVA is the breakthrough in modern waterproofing: skilled, trained and approved roofing contractors can install out new generation waterproofing systems under Total Quality Control® of Novaglass.


INNOVA stands for solution for:

–        refurbishment of old waterproofing layers

–        new cold roofs

–        new warm roofs

–        high reflectivity roofs for PV plants

–        high efficiency flexible sheet technology PV rooftops

–        green roofs

–        parking decks

–        basements

–        external fire resistant roofs


INNOVA is based on low environmental impact products, manufactured under the strict control of the highest standards to contain pollution and equipment with minimized emissions.

The resulting products are the right ones to carry out environmental friendly and energy saving projects.


Novaglass and INNOVA Team professional roofers guarantee absolute reliability of innovative technical solutions exceeding the commonly known waterproofing systems. Only trained and authorized roofing contractors can conduct the installation in compliance with the manufacturer’s approved techniques.


INNOVA product range is the result of several years of research and study at Novaglass’ laboratories and of continuously improved production technology. All products have been evaluated and approved by the most prominent European Testing Institutes.


Along with the traditional torch-applied membranes, Novaglass offers new generation self-adhesive membranes to cope with those job sites where the use of free flames is limited or even prohibited.

When fire is the concern, Novaglass offers a range of FIRE RESISTANT certified membranes for a thorough effectiveness and safety.

All products are manufactured, packaged and delivered to grant totally safe use by the roofing contractors.


INNOVA projects are carried out with certified products and are installed by skilled, trained and manufacturer’s approved contractors.

INNOVA projects are offered with insurance backed warranty packages and mandatory maintenance and service book.


Those who are seeking extra value choose INNOVA solutions.

Those who choose INNOVA get a clear project planning, reliable suppliers ensuring support and technical advice from the blue prints to the handed over job, during the installation and after to control the system integrity.


INNOVA and INNOVA Team professional roofers have one goal: to offer unrivalled choice of premium waterproofing systems with the highest standards at accessible prices.