-1983 Novaglass starts manufacturing polymer modified bitumen membranes in Salgareda (Treviso). The first roll coming out the production plant is Novater, product that will soon set the quality standard for waterproofing membranes.

-1989 A second production line is implemented.

-1993 Novaglass introduces into the market the first polymer-bitumen membranes with stabilised reinforcement. It represents a new era for the waterproofing technologies as with this new achievement it will get rid of sheets’ shrinkages and leakages at the joints.

-1995 The German Institute FLL examines and certifies the anti-root membrane Novar-WS, a one-of-a-kind product for the projects of roof gardens waterproofing.

– 1996 Novaglass achieves ISO 9001 Certification for the Quality Management

-1999 Novaglass presents a new membrane for single-ply application with the extraordinary “Black Diamond” top finish: the new product will maximise the joint of the sheets and deliver outstanding visual effects.

– 1999 Introduction of Novachem Restauro Division; it offers specialty products for the waterproofing works in the building industry, comprising special osmotic cements, structural mortars, dehumidifying plasters, refurbishment paints, anti-corrosion systems, chemical additives, waterstops and hydrophilic sealants.

– 2000 Novaglass opens the 20,000 m2 corporate parkland, studied to set up an harmonic allocation of the manufacturing plants and buildings into the traditionally natural environment. The park will soon become alternatively playground and set for corporate social events.

– 2003 Novaglass toasts 20 years of activity.

– 2006 Novaglass completes the products range offering new acoustic products Novacustic and Novacustic Wall.

– 2006 Novaglass keeps its commitment to respect the environment and implements a state-of-the-art equipment for the treatment and dampening of the exhaust fumes.

– 2010 Novaglass introduces Easygum eco-friendly liquid applied rubberized bitumen membrane.

– 2010 Novaglass attaines iso 14001 Environmental Management Certification.

– 2012 Novaglass obtained OHSAS 18001 certification.

– 2012 Novaglass introduces the Integrated Photovoltaic System NovaEnergy, a panel made ​​by laminating flexible with the new –generation waterproofing membrane of Nova E-30.

– 2013 Novaglass expands its product range with new line of products for thermal insulation, Novatherm.

– 2013 Novaglass extends the range of liquid products introducing the line of water-based products Eco Line.

– 2016 Novaglass presents Reflecta Program.

– 2016 Novaglass joins Soprema Group.