The establishments of Salgareda have 2 production lines at elevated automation. The productive cycle is constantly controlled by computer systems checked from qualified personnel and it can de divided in 5 fundamental phases:

Storage, control and selection of raw materials: this phase is performed under supervision and indications from the laboratory, in charge of planning of formulations used top prepare the waterproofing compounds.

Phase of compounds preparation, totally automatised, which allows to reach the highest quality standards, as a guarantee of the finished product.

In line impregnation phase, where physical shape is given to the product: during this phase, the operators verify and record all production parameters, crucial elements to guarantee product tracking.

Phase of control of product: it is performed on line during manufacturing process for dimensional and aesthetical parameters, in the laboratory for all other parameters reported in the technical data sheet. Only after these evaluations, the product is declared compliant and can be shipped.

Storage of finished product, totally automatised, which allow delivery to the customer in significantly reduced time.