NOVAGLASS, is a company in the forefront of the production of waterproofing membranes in bitumen/polymer, which started its activity in 1983. Thanks to many years of experience both in the waterproofing sector and in the petrochemical sector, Novaglass evidenced a continuous trend of growth, reaching, in the domestic and international scenarios, a leader position in the waterproofing industry.

The production facilities occupy a covered area of 25,000 sqm, inside a green park of 43,000 sqm. Highly qualified personnel operates two manufacturing lines of advanced design and a laboratory equipped with technologically sophisticated instrumentation. The high level of workmanship and the flexibility of the operational organization make NOVAGLASS a company where reliability and dynamicity are the highest qualities.

A policy of continuous investment in the upgrading of the equipment, in the research and development of new products and in the improvement of the existing ones, the inclination for the improvement of the various functions, from the scheduling of the controls on the raw materials and on the production, the R&D activity, the designing, the total technical assistance, made easier the achievement in 1996 of the certification of the Quality System of the company, according to the ISO 9001 Norm. Reaching this target, the whole range of Novaglass waterproofing products is able to meet any requirement from the various application sectors.