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No-Fire certified Membrane: the Novaglass solutions

The experience gained over the last two decades has allowed Novaglass to offer its customers a complete range of waterproofing membranes, certified by the most prestigious European laboratories.
MPA Nordrhein Westfalen (Germany)
SP (Sweden)
Lapi Warrington Fire (Italy)
Exova Warrington Fire (UK)
Cert (Italy)
MPA Stuttgart (Germany)
Universitat Karlsruhe (Germany)

Novaglass, first company in Italy to certify their fire-resistant membranes since 1987, has developed a unique background in the field of waterproofing, which allows to propose appropriate solutions to any type of project.
No-Fire Novaglass membranes comply with the European Norms for external fire protection as Broof class provisions, according to EN 13501-5 standard.
The No-Fire technology developed by the Novaglass R&D dept. prevents the spread of flames, thanks to the chemical reaction that takes place on the membrane surface treated by fire.


Advantages of Fire Resistant Membranes

A – No alteration of the Product Specifications.

B – The system keeps unchanged in time its ability to protect from the fire.

C – The membranes are applied like any polymer-bitumen membrane, because the principle firestop is not activated during application with flame.

BLU_LINERequirements of polymer-bitumen membranes applied on roofs that support Photovoltaic Plants

Following the issuance of the note of the Italian Fire Department of the “Guide for the installation of photovoltaic systems” of 7 February 2012, which contains information on when the fire resistance characteristics of the tires that provide the photovoltaic panels, it is necessary to proceed to the choice of materials that will compose the waterproofing package with the utmost care.

The Directive of the Fire Department provides:

If you intend to take account of the external fire performance roof class, the roofing and the fire class of the photovoltaic module, can be considered acceptable, in general, the following pairs:

– Roofs classified Froof and PV panel class 1 or equivalent fire resistance;

– Roofs classified Broof (t2, t3, t4) and PV panel class 2 or equivalent fire resistance;

– Recent cover layers (waterproofing and / or insulating packages) classified Froof or F installed on roofs and PV panel EI 30 class 2 or equivalent fire resistance.



The classification of roofs and roof coverings should refer to the applicable procedures for attesting the conformity (CE marking) or, in the absence of these, a statement by the manufacturer on the basis of test report issued by authorized Italian laboratory under the decree of interior Ministry March 26, 1985, or another laboratory, which is recognized in one of the EU countries, or of a contracting country to the EEA agreement.

For the assessment of the external fire class of roofs and roof coverings please note that was published in the February 2012 version CEN / TS 1187 in place of ENV 1187: 2007 cited in the technical guide.



Reaction to fire     European Norm     No-Fire Membranes     Guide (Italian Version)