1. Substrate
  2. Sloping screed (>1 / max. 5%)
  3. Sliding layer in bituminised paper felt (400 gr/sqm)
  4. Double layer waterproofing system, made of:
    a) first layer: NOVABOND 4 mm, loose laid on the horizontal surface and fully bonded on the verticals up to a height of 15 cm above the level of the soil. Overlaps must be torched respectively 8 cm at the side and 12 cm at the end.
    b) second layer: NOVAR-WS anti-root membrane, FLL certified, 4 mm thickness, totally bonded by torching on the first layer and on the verticals.The membrane must be laid in such way that the side overlapping areas are positioned in the centre line of the first layer. Overlaps must be torched respectively 12 cm at the side and 15 cm at the end.
  5. Protective layer made with 0.2 mm thick polyethylene film
  6. Concrete screed, 3-4 cm thick, reinforced with light metallic mesh
  7. Drainage layer made of expanded clay or gravel
  8. Filtering layer of compact non woven 200 gr/sqm material
  9. Layer of soil