1. Soil
  2. Lean concrete slab
  3. Primer treatment
  4. Double layer waterproofing element, made of:
    – first layer of POLIBIT 4 mm, applied in complete adhesion;
    – second layer of NOVATER 4 mm, applied in complete adhesion only on the perimeter and loose laid on the remaining part
  5. Polyethylene film, 0.3 mm thickness, for protection of the waterproofing system during foundation construction
  6. Lean concrete screed, as mechanical protection of the waterproofing element
  7. Steel reinforced concrete foundation
  8. Primer treatment
  9. Waterproofing element on the verticals, in single or double layer according to the working conditions. In case of single layer, (NOVATER 4 mm) it will be applied in complete adhesion on the vertical parts, pre-treated with primer, and will be joined to the horizontal waterproofing system by at least 30 cm; in case of double layer, the same system adopted on the horizontal will be continued..
  10. Panel for drainage and mechanical protection of the waterproofing element.

In case of special situations with significant thermal changes, a FLEXGUM-P elastomeric membrane should be used.