1. Substrate
  2. Gutter
  3. Priming layer (oxidised bitumen, solvents and resins based primer, applied by brush or spraying in quantity of ~250 g/sqm)
  4. Vapour barrier with NOVABIT 3 mm membrane (NOVABIT 4 mm orNOVALL-I 3 mm for special situations), fully bonded on the perimeter and verticals up to 10 cm above the level of the thermal insulation, and semi-bonded on the sloped area;
  5. Thermal insulation layer (when possible, spot welded by torching directly on the vapour barrier, or bonded with oxidised bitumen).
  6. Single layer waterproofing system, made of NOVATECNO MINERAL 4.5 Kg membrane, torch applied, fully bonded on the thermal insulation;
  7. Tiles, directly laid on the membrane, with cementitious mortar strips

In case of special situations characterised by significant thermal cycles, elastomeric membranes must be used: ISOGUM-P MINERAL 4.5 kg