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EASYGUM is a ready-to-use semi-dense thixotropic paste, made up of an emulsion of selected distilled bitumen, additives and… »



Water-based ecological protective paint containing aluminium for new and old polymer-bitumen membranes. Once dried out, ENVIROFLECT ALUMINIUM creates… »



BITUSHIELD is a thick paste made up of an emulsion of selected distilled bitumen, additives and special thixotropic… »



ELASTOGIUNTO is a special product manufactured with a mixture of selected bitumens, thermoplastic elastomers (SBS) and other special… »



COLORA is a special resinated, water based (non acrylic) paint, available in grey and red colours. Suitable for the… »



Flexible and elastic white paint in water emulsion with decorative and protective purposes. Once dried up, ECO WHITE REFLECTA forms a strong and flexible film, which perfectly adheres to the support.



Protective and decorative paint solvent based ready to use, formulated with special synthetic resins that form a film able to follow the deformation and expansion of the materials on which waterproofing is stretched.



Water based bituminous paint used as preparation under-layer to fix and block concrete dust and porosity, quickening the… »



Priming paint comprising oxidised bitumen and technical solvents. It features fast drying time along with deep penetration into… »



PRIMER is a black paint in a base of special oxidized bitumens and solvents. PRIMER adheres because of… »



RAPID PRIMER was formulated in order to solve all the problems related to a very fast execution of… »



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